Why we’re celebrating consistency with the Considerate Constructors Scheme

Consistency is an important word in construction. Synonymous with safety, reliability and punctuality, consistency opens the door to achieving so much more. Focused on Building better together in everything we do, we wouldn’t achieve this purpose without consistency. This is why our recent and consistently excellent reports from the Considerate Constructors Scheme are so important to us, because of what they mean to us, our sites, our clients and our communities. It’s for these reasons we believe consistency in construction, deserves some celebrating.

Considerate Constructors Site Visit – Ormiston Academy, Education Sector Construction Project

Founded in 1997 to raise standards in the construction industry, the Considerate Constructors Scheme continues to support the industry in tackling the issues that are central to better standards and minimise the impact on the local community. Now entering its 25th year, we are proud to be an active member of the Scheme, which provides a benchmark for assessing our site performance against the Code of Considerate Practice. The Code of Considerate Practice incorporates three main areas organisations are measured against:  Respect the Community, Care for the Environment and Value their Workforce.

This measurable framework allows construction businesses like ours to mindfully manage and create better construction sites, consistently.

Our respect for the community starts long before any site works begins. With collaboration central to our business, and of course extending to our communities too, hosting meet the contractor sessions in advance of site work. These sessions allow for personal introductions to made, questions fielded and the works discussed, aiming to start and maintain a respectful and open dialogue throughout. We know that construction work, however well managed can be disruptive to a community. By offering a consistently open, honest and respectful dialogue and dedicated liaison team throughout projects, it is our hope we can always manage our sites to keep our communities as happy as possible and leave a positive impact. We are particularly pleased that ongoing projects, typically in close proximity to homes and thoroughly embedded into local communities – have acheived positive scores from the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

‘It is immediately apparent that the required buy in, attitude and endeavour to achieve anticipated standards of CCS compliance has been embraced by all on this project. The site is extremely well presented and maintained; the appearance of this project promotes an excellent image of the Industry’

Dick Naunton – Considerate Constructors Site Report –  Sprowston Academy, Norwich

Aerial Photograph of Sprowston Academy Education Sector Construction Project Progress

Care for our environment remains a rightfully crucial consideration across all businesses, with construction no different. Recognising the need to reduce our impact on the environment every day, our sites, offices and individual team members efforts all contribute to making our business more sustainable. Often it can be difficult for an individual to keep track of their environmental impact, especially without clear parameters on what we can achieve. This is why we value the involvement of Scheme Monitors and commit to conform to the Code to help us keep improving our environmentally friendly practices across the whole of Pentaco.

Starting simply, we’ve found that being open about what we need to improve or even remember day to day on a busy site can improve our environmental outcomes. Practical policies like ‘switch it off when not in use’ and encouraging reusable bottles and containers for our team help on the day to day basis and contribute to over 98% of waste being diverted from landfill, this effort also continues in careful selection of materials, construction methods and even machinery we use to carry out our site works. From small things to the big ones, the more we spotlight our current environmental efforts the more areas we see aspects we can improve or change. With the support of Scheme feedback, we continue to explore avenues like alternative fuels, electric vehicles and infrastructure and biophilic landscaping and carbon offsetting opportunities.

Bure Park SEMH School Roof – Fitting out with Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

Of course nothing would be possible without the incredible people behind Pentaco. After all, when it comes to Building better together, it’s the together part that gets the job done. Keeping our team happy, healthy and safe is key to a successful project and business. The latest CHAS statistics set out just how risky construction work can be, with an average of 54,000 non-fatal injuries to UK construction workers each year. With over 275,298 man hours worked, we are delighted to remain RIDDOR free for over 26 months on all projects. With safety consistently managed, it also allows us to focus on the bigger picture for our team, providing greater provision for mental health support, team-building activities and the conditions that make Pentaco a better place to work for our people.

‘There is an exceptionally good team spirit throughout the workforce. Personal development needs are recognised, and training is supported. Standards of site welfare and accommodation are top class’

Dick Naunton – Considerate Constructors Site Report –  Norwich South Waste Recycling Centre

Education Sector Ormiston Academy Construction Site – On-Site Planning with Pentaco Team & Trainees

The Considerate Constructors Scheme framework has allowed us to understand the role of consistency across our projects. Consistency is an important word in our industry, but we believe it’s far more important as an active day-to-day part of any good construction business. Pairing this with the commitment to keep Building better together, we make our projects better for everyone involved. So, have you celebrated consistency lately? Maybe it’s time you should.