Meet the Buyer 2022: Building better together starts with a successful supply chain

Bringing together the breadth of our supply chain ‘Meet the Buyer 2022’ celebrated our shared successes to date and set in motion the next stage in our supply chain strategy…

The opportunity to bring together the people behind our projects was one we wanted to grasp with both hands as we welcomed a diverse range of professionals to meet our team and each other. With planning beginning before we’d even heard the word ‘covid’ we certainly had much to discuss as we outlined the changes across Pentaco as a business, plotting the course of the strategy ahead too. Based on our aim to build honest, collaborative and successful relationships , we wanted our Meet the Buyer event to bring our supply chain further into the fold. We enjoyed explaining exactly how we hope to make supply chain a central part of both our Service Excellence values and of course our ongoing commitment to building better together.

Joining our Supply Chain

In support of our ongoing supply chain strategy, we have now launched our supply chain webpage, which you can find by clicking here. Along with blogs like this one, we hope this page will help to keep our new and existing supply chain members and partners updated with the latest projects we are undertaking and any news that our supply chain might find interesting. You’ll also find details about the structure of our supply chain, including how to become a member or partner plus the benefits each status can bring your business. We know that a key part of our Meet the Buyer event was simply to connect with our supply chain in person, building the relationships that we know are at the heart of each successful project. This is why we really encourage you to stay in touch with us, interact with our team regularly and keep an eye out for how you can get involved in projects both on and off our construction sites. Only with open communication can we continue to build the best possible supply chain network.

Overcoming Challenges in Construction, Together

Ensuring communication travels both ways to deliver the most value to our supply chain, we wanted to clearly outline some of the challenges facing the construction industry right now, as well as how we might start managing them together. After all, in order to share in success we must also share in the challenges. That’s why we opened up our Meet the Buyer event to several guest speakers, each delivering their own specialist session on a range of topics affecting our industry to give us all a competitive advantage. From the impact of the government’s move toward carbon net zero to nutrient neutrality and supporting mental health across construction, we were delighted to showcase the expertise of just some of the organisations we’re proud to have as a part of our progress at Pentaco. We also know that not everyone was able to attend our Meet the buyer event or may want to review these sections again, which is why you’ll find details about each organisation below along with a copy of each section.

Planning Update: Nutrient Neutrality

Nicol Perryman, Associate Planner at Ingleton Wood discusses the issue of Nutrient Neutrality, putting into context how this affects construction and outlining why those of us working in affected regions need to consider this as part of our pipeline of works, especially in relation to residential projects throughout the East of England.

Lighthouse Club: The Construction Industry Charity

Lorraine Shepherd, Lighthouse Charity Regional Ambassador shares more about the incredible breadth of work the Lighthouse club carry out across the construction industry. You might be surprised to learn about the range of support available through the Lighthouse Club as well as the ways you can support them in delivering this vital work to our colleagues across the construction industry.

PlanNetZero: Net Zero & Carbon Neutrality

Thiago Gentile of PlanNetZero provides more detail about the importance of planning for net zero and implementing carbon neutrality as part of business planning in construction and beyond. Not only part of the government’s strategy, but a part of our own supply chain partnerships – we’re proud to work with PlanNetZero who have support Pentaco becoming operational carbon neutral, which is just the first step in making smarter and more sustainable choices as a business.

Be part of Building better together…

With Meet the Buyer concluded, our plans to grow a safe, sustainable and ever more successful supply chain have only just begun. A big thank you to everyone who is already a part of Building better together, we couldn’t do it without you…and to those yet to join us, we hope you’ll consider getting in touch to discuss how you can join our supply chain too.

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