Our Story

At Pentaco Construction we have focused on our simple purpose to continue ‘Building better together’. This has extended across the breadth of our business, instilled into the construction projects we have continued to deliver, strengthening our connection to local communities and taking shape in our collective effort to build a better business. Leaning on the experience and commitment of our team and senior management, we have sustained our impressive financial growth and evolution as a business and brand in the construction industry across varied sectors and services.

Carefully matching the pace of internal expansion with that of our projects, turnover and new challenges we take on – we’ve ensured the security of our staff and the stability of our position in the market as a leading construction company within the region. A regional position further enhanced by the opening of new Cambridge and Suffolk offices, extending the breadth and quality of services across the East of England and marking a step in future expansion becoming something of a rallying call, our position in the market has been solidified by a genuine commitment to our purpose of Building better together’. Driving our re-brand, our purpose reflects the way we should do business each and every day, it’s why we’re here. At Pentaco we help to build better outcomes, better relationships and better futures through the work we carry out. This extends far beyond our clients, influencing how we work with our collaborators and within our community. Instilling this cultural change remains a big part of our story at Pentaco, with the results to date ranging from practical achievements and richer involvement with our clients and community, to the simple way we present ourselves following significant investment in our own business to ensure what our clients see is reflective of the calibre of business we are.

The Future of Pentaco

Our story continues, with each day bringing us new opportunities to grow our business and our impact across the varied construction projects we complete. We’re commited to the sustainable growth of our business, centred on excellent customer service and led by the people that enable us to keep ‘Building better together’…

We’ve also been passionate about what Building better together means beyond our clients and construction sites. Hand in hand with the success and stability of our business has been the strengthened social value we are able to deliver within the local communities we work in. From creative cows to tremendous T-rex, marvellous mammoths to mighty hikes, Pentaco and our people have been involved in a diverse array of charities. We are keen for our clients and collaborators to know the extent of their investment is in much more than ourselves when we work together, which is why we have rolled out social value action plans on all contracts so everyone can see the bigger picture of what we are building together. We are proud that our commitment to our community extends beyond purely financial contributions. After all, Pentaco is part of the local community and we have been fortunate to collaborate with local charities, community groups and education establishments to deepen our involvement.

Recognising the role of education as a foundation for future success and indeed employment, we have also been involved with local education institutions, offering work experience opportunities, mock interviews and extended T Level student placements within our business. We’ve also built a new classroom and arranged supply of excess site materials for education charities, supporting the practical delivery of their courses. So connected have we become with the students, that they are also on track to become new full time members of the team upon completion of their courses. Several have already completed this path and onto the next stage of their education and career with us as administrators, trainee site managers and trainee quantity surveyors – all helping to create the next generation of enthusiastic and community focused construction personnel. That is however, without losing sight of the current generation of our team who continue to support our success and deserve recognition for the incredible work to build a better business now and into the future.

A genuine commitment to our employees has been integral to our approach for the past year and remains a crucial part of our onward strategy to keep Building better together. Now over 50 strong, we’ve retained and added to our team. Continual professional training and incentive schemes underpin a focus on being an employer of choice that attracts and retains talent. Training extends beyond purely professional skills, with mental health and well-being training a big part of our efforts to manage the impact of Covid, now adding a full qualified mental health first aider to our senior management team. Continual review with staff forums and the PDR process ensure success is celebrated and challenges managed effectively. Linked with our commitment to purpose, community and indeed customers, we’ve improved incentives to deliver service excellence and ensured we have a full calendar of staff events such as karting, bowling nights and away days to remind our team that it’s them that enable us to build better together.

Our customers naturally remain a huge area of commitment for Pentaco and form an equally significant part of our success to date and our story into the future. Building better together and our Service Excellence values have formalised much of the existing commitments to our customers, with a focus to clearly communicate and deliver upon these values and purpose. Client events and workshops enhance this communication of value and extension of relationships beyond our sites. Service Excellence and the culture this brings to Pentaco has inspired renewed efforts to make our business safer, more sustainable and more effective in delivering a high quality product, which often takes root first and foremost with our clients. Much of our own innovation has been centred on delivering excellent service across the breadth of our business, with the introduction of Procore a huge step in making this more measurable and collaborative with clients and our supply chain. The wider adoption of more modern methods of construction has also been a collaborative effort to bring innovation to our business, improve practices and also our sustainability too – demonstrating our commitment to build on the values, words and culture we are proud to share.

We want everyone working with us to know that our story at Pentaco is linked with yours. We will ensure that our construction projects together do nothing but build better outcomes, better relationships and better futures, together.

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