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Given the leading reputation our defence and security sector personnel have established, at Pentaco we are committed to the delivery of facilities, training centres, operational sites and wider infrastructure to meet these same exemplary standards. Experienced in the management of high-security, sensitive and live operational sites within defence and security, we ensure the breadth of our construction projects meet the demands expected, while retaining the agility to accommodate change to keep our client’s critical services operational.

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Whether the delivery of a major build, fit-out or refurbishment, our trusted and collaborative approach ensures a compliant and secure project end to end. Working closely with our supply change and allied contractors, we are proud to deliver complex projects even in the most highly-regulated and operationally sensitive environments. With our commitment to best practice, we are further able to ensure the quality and character service personnel deserve is captured in every aspect of our construction. Implementing modern construction methods, off-site manufacturing and modular construction techniques where appropriate, we strive to keep our defence and security projects on the leading edge of construction, creating future proof and functional facilities.

Built with care and built to last, we want any project we undertake to provide our clients with the quality outcomes that support the best training, service and life in our defence and security sector.


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