Picturehouse Court, Norwich

Pentaco Construction Ltd in conjunction with Greenwood Homes purchased the site at Dereham Road and together with Feilden + Mawson designed the innovative development, which is now known as Picture House Court.

Before the build process commenced on site; Greenwood Homes entered into negotiations with Wherry Housing Association who agreed to purchase the whole development as an addition to their current housing stock. Circle Anglia appointed Davis Langdon as Project Managers to oversee the build process and to manage their interest.

The development utilised ‘modern methods of construction’ in terms of prefabrication of the main structure, which assisted the onsite build programme and assured a quality product. The site was situated on the corner of a busy junction of a main arterial route into the city centre, was surrounded by existing properties and was limited in terms of available space. The Pentaco site team managed the build process extremely efficiently, managing the logistics of the confined site within from the appointed supply chain partners.

The site was registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and was commended for the way in which the surrounding environment was managed throughout the life of the development.

The project commenced on time, completed within the allocated build period and was praised for the quality of finish achieved.

Wherry Housing Association
Feilden + Mawson
52 weeks
Project duration

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