Supply Chain

Pivotal to our success and growth, our supply chain is fundamental to each and every project we undertake. We’re always looking for members and partners who have a professional approach; values aligned with our own and who believe in Building better together. We aim to build strong, collaborative and long term relationships across our supply chain, delivering sustainable outcomes for our industry.

Joining Our Supply Chain

We know that building better, both on and off our construction sites always starts with working together. From professional skills, safety and conduct, to culture, environmental practices and community, we’re keen for our supply chain to embody our Service Excellence values. We want our relationships with you to be reciprocal, transparent and connecting to something bigger, recognising and rewarding exceptional performance against these areas across both our member and partner schemes.

Member Benefits

Added Partner Benefits
Become a Partner

Ready to join our Supply Chain?

Email us at & we will send a prequalification questionnaire. We look forward to working with you as we continue Building better together.

Want to ask us a question or discuss something else about our supply chain scheme? Give us a call on 01603 778950 & one of our team will be happy to help.

Our Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Caring for our environment is central to the future of construction. It’s certainly a responsibility that comes with commitment and some costs too, but we’re proud it’s part of Building better together. Working with trusted specialists, Pentaco has begun the efforts we all need to make to care for our environment and ensure a better future. We believe that building sustainably and safely is the only way we can truly build better. That’s why we’ve made carbon neutrality part of our partnership criteria, and we’re here to support starting your own journey to carbon neutrality and beyond.

Service Excellence

It’s more than just a term, it’s the framework of values embedded into our business. It supports the exemplary service & outcomes we want our clients to experience at every stage of their journey with us & includes our supply chain too. We invite you to be part of building better together whilst achieving Service Excellence…