‘The sky’s the limit’ – Pentaco & Big Sky Living on building more than just a home…

There’s that moment when you’re flying a kite when suddenly, it’s not simply flying a kite anymore. It’s the pursuit of higher and faster, it’s the reach for more, the freedom. In fact, it’s not just in flying a kite, it’s the ‘something’ that gives you flight. The something to strive for and achieve. It’s the joy in soaring before you set your sights even higher still.

Fitting then that one of our valued clients, Big Sky Living, use a kite to symbolise their business, set against the freedom and enjoyment that comes with living in Norfolk. Established in 2014, Big Sky Living has ascended from small beginnings to make a big difference to individuals and families in need of high-quality, affordable and accessible homes. As their business has taken flight, so too have they elevated many of their customers into homeownership and affordable, fair rental. In truth, before many of us can truly soar, we need a roof over our heads and a solid foundation from which to launch. As such, supporting Big Sky Living delivering a number of exciting and meaningful projects to help elevate others has been a pleasure for Pentaco.


With a customer promise and core values resonating with our own, we are delighted to build on our relationship with Big Sky Living into 2022. Acutely aware of the urgent need for housing, Pentaco is always eager to be part of finding long-term solutions for the housing crisis. However, we are even more pleased when these solutions come with such a respect for community, the local area and the collaboration that delivers these elements. Thankfully we’ve found this consistently with Big Sky living, who themselves won the East of England Construction Excellence Award as Client of the Year. Establishing a strong working relationship we proudly celebrate working alongside Big Sky at their St Giles Park development in Cringleford, Norfolk with over 350 homes being constructed over the next 3 years on the site, with some customers already enjoying their new homes.

Looking ahead, Pentaco are poised to deliver the same care, customer focus, quality and collaboration shared with Big Sky. Offering not just a home, but a lifestyle, we are always aware of our role in helping Big Sky Living deliver ‘more than just a home’ to their customers. Attention to the entire project provides the understanding of what we are helping to create, from the fine detail to the broader estate. Supported by our own Service Excellence values, we’re committed to making all of our projects ‘more’ for both clients and communities. Ultimately we work to make every project safer, more sustainable, more successful and with more social value provided to everyone involved.

We have no doubt that as we continue to partner with a client like Big Sky, with whom our values and collaborative approach fit so well, we will help more projects take flight. In turn we can elevate the experience of customers in a challenging housing market and provide more opportunities to reach for ‘more’, together.

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